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And now for something completely different

This is going to be a post about a significant life change, so I’ll give you a second to buckle your seatbelt/put on your goggles/brace yourself in whatever manner you see fit. Just go ahead and continue reading when you’re ready.

Ready? OK. Here we go.

A long, long time ago, when Josh and I were wee college graduates just dipping our toes into the world of marriage and adulthood and career tracks, we talked about going to graduate school. Josh was confident in his plan – he wanted to get his Masters in Literature before he started teaching, and he had his acceptance letter in hand. I was considering different programs, mainly Literature and Library Science (and, for a hot minute, the Center for Cartoon Studies). Because I didn’t have a plan, and because we were broke newlyweds, we decided that I would work full-time while Josh was in school, and then I would take my turn after he finished.

look at those sweet, baby newlyweds
Just look at those sweet, baby newlyweds. Photo: The Schultzes

We moved to Asheville, and I hopped around to a couple of different jobs before landing at Earth Fare. Within three months, I was promoted from store employee to Web Manager – starting me in the direction of a career in web strategy, content, and digital marketing. I started out working for a great company, and each move I have made since signing on at Earth Fare has felt right and good – and yet there was always this mystery in my rearview mirror, the what if that I just couldn’t shake.

I’ve been at Providence Day School for three years, and I love it. Seriously. I’m young, but I was a serial job-hopper before I landed here, and now I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. I love the campus, I am amazed by the students, I seriously like the people I work with. And this spring, I posted a job to the school website that brought the mystery in my rearview mirror back into clear focus.

The job? Middle School Librarian.

As soon as I saw the request to post the job, I felt a pang of preemptive jealousy toward whoever landed in that position. My reaction honestly surprised me – I didn’t know how badly I wanted this until I saw the faintest glimmer of a chance that it might be available. After some serious soul-searching, sleep-losing, and talking with Josh, I decided to go for it. I put together a tumblr with a few of my initial ideas, submitted my letter of interest, and went through the interview process.

And I got the job.

Madam Librarian...
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So, yes. Things are changing around here. Starting in August, I’m officially a librarian. I do want to start blogging again – but my content will probably have a more academic focus – think lesson ideas, book reviews, general commentary on libraries and librarian-y things, and reflection on my life as I finally pursue that Masters degree. Some things will stay the same – I’ll never stop posting Henry pictures. Some things will hopefully be brought back to life – looking at you, #ukulelewednesday. 

And mostly, I’ll be figuring things out as I go.

So I hope you’re with me! I think it’s going to be a fun ride. And if you or someone you know are a Charlotte local looking for work in the digital marketing field, drop me a line. I know a great place that’s hiring.

(PS – Just a housekeeping note – I’ve changed my blog URL to just, so if you’re following via feedly, bloglovin, or some other aggregator, you may need to adjust your feed settings. xoxo.)

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  1. love it when you write. A story. One day when I am old)
    You can be my ghost writer. Ha then we would have a best seller..

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