What Else Is New?

shameIt’s been a while. Let’s catch up!

Shame. Shame. Shame.
VEDA was a spectacular fail. I made it to Day 8 before I found myself tired, uninspired, quagmired…I think this year I learned my lesson that daily video deadlines are just not my style. I’ll happily leave it to the Amys and the Evelyns of the world – they’re doing an excellent job and seem to be enjoying it way more than I ever did.

Back to School
I have officially signed on for a spot in the Fall 2016 Online MLIS Cohort at the University of Alabama! I’ve been itching to pursue my Masters degree for years, and I am SO excited to be back in school. The program is a great fit – well reviewed, ALA-accredited, fully online. The timing is, admittedly, a little tricky.

For one, I’m going to be hauling a husband and a newborn with me to orientation in August. Being the obsessive, Type-A google stalker that I am, I’ve been trying to find anyone on Twitter or in the blogosphere who has been through orientation recently and can give me the run down. For their part, the team at Alabama has been very accommodating with my questions (Hi, so excited to join the cohort, cool if I bring my baby to our orientation sessions? Kthxbye.). I’ve been assured that I will be able to feed the baby as needed, and I know we’ll make it work however we have to, but I’d feel much better if someone who has been through the program could give me an idea of what to expect. I’ll be sure to fully document my own experience so that future students in my shoes (unlikely though they  may be) won’t have to recreate my own fruitless googling experience. I’ll be your google fruit, future MLIS students!

Beyond posts about the general life of a librarian/mom/grad student, it seems (from aforementioned googling) that I’ll need to have a blog set up for specific classes and projects. I set up a tumblr back when I was applying for my current librarian job, and I’ve converted that into a space for MLIS program-specific posts. So if you’re dying to read up on the nuts and bolts (and assigned posts) of library school, you can follow along at libraryand.tumblr.com.

Still Pregnant
While I will be attending orientation with a bouncing baby boy in tow, that baby boy is still growing in my belly at this very moment. I’m 32 weeks along, measuring a little big, and really feeling the weight of the third trimester. I don’t sleep for longer than 2 or 3 hours at a time, I’ve got heartburn, none of my clothes fit, I can’t sit OR stand for very long. They tell you the second time around is different, and they’re right. Way less magical discovery of the miracle of life, way more cankles and ill-fitting pants and napping with your mouth wide open after work…basically just a beautiful, glowing vision of pregnant resplendence. Isn’t it magnificent?

I Miss This
I’ve been feeling really nostalgic about the days when I used to post regular photos and snippets from my life. So let them tell us blogging is dying – I think it’s fun, and I want to get back into the swing. I was looking through my flickr earlier today, and I’m so glad that I have those memories saved. I want to get back into that documentation habit, if only because it’s fun to scroll through and reminisce years down the line. You’re welcome, future Corley.

That’s all I have for now. The year is winding down at school, and I’m busy trying to prep for baby’s arrival, sleep when I can, sniff out fellow MLIS students-who-blog, and plan baby’s first cross-country excursion to Tuscaloosa in August.

Before you go, here’s a photo of vintage Corley enjoying a dinosaur during a work trip to NYC. Enjoy:


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